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practice_horary's Journal

Horary Astrology 101
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This is a community for practicing the horary branch of astrology, so post your charts and let's have some fun!

If you have a horary chart you'd like to use as an example, please post it behind an lj cut. HOWEVER, this is NOT a "OMG PLEASE READ MY CHART FOR FREE" community, there are plenty of talented professional astrologers who will do that for you. Please, if you are posting here, do it from a learning perspective. Give us your take on your chart. What do *you* think it means? Why? Others, feel free to weigh in on the analysis and point out things the poster may be missing, or may be more advanced than the poster's level of knowledge.

People who post one line demands for readings will find their posts deleted. We'd like to see everyone making a good faith effort to learn how to read their own horary charts using actual charts as examples.

And on that note, if you find out the outcome, post an update! One of the best ways to learn horary is to go back and see where you made your mistakes or were right on the money.