Opalsnow2 (opalsnows) wrote in practice_horary,

Relationship chart: any insights?

  Hi there, I have been learning horary for quite awhile but only by myself so I do need a sounding board, especially on this chart, which appears to me quite complicated (because the moon makes so many aspects and will make many more before leaving the sign) and also because I may be biased by what I want to see instead of what is. My question is of a romantic nature "Is Phillip the one?". The chart is very accurate in describing the two people involved - the AC, DC, Neptune on 7th cusp, significators, etc. 

I used the sun, moon, and venus as my significator. (I myself have leo moon, gemini on DC and venus in virgo)
My partner is saturn and neptune (he is both an older man and a pisces sun).

The sun is in an applying trine to Neptune. Moon is in an applying tight square to saturn while Venus makes an applying conjunction to saturn and semi-sextile to Neptune. 

In light of these aspects, it seems as if the answer is yes? Except that perhaps, the moon's last aspect before leaving the sign is opposition pluto, so that might be a no?

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