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Will I be a famous writer in my lifetime?

What do you horary astrologers think of my analysis here????

The question is "Will I be a famous writer in my lifetime?". I think that it looks promising.  I am using the 10th house to answer the question, and the 4th from the 10th (the 1st) to look at the end of the matter.  Primary significator is Mercury, with co-significators of the Moon and Mars (Mars b/c it's located in the 10th house).  I don't regard the late degree of 27 rising as a consideration against judgement, b/c I'm at that stage of my professional life where a lot of seeds have been sown and it's just about time to start reaping.  I like that Virgo is rising, as that is a Mercury sign.  27 degree Virgo is conjunct my natal IC.  The question was asked on a Wednesday, which is a Mercury day!!!  Mercury is peregrine in Pisces, but I'm just glad it's not in it's detriment or fall.  Being placed in the 6th house is kind of a double edge sword, as it's accidentally dignified by being in the natural house of Virgo (I place a bit more importance on this accidental dignity b/c of the question of the chart, and the fact that Virgo is rising).  But astrologers see cadent houses as being kind of powerless.

Other notes, based on Ptolemy's Essential Dignities and Debilities as Used By Lilly, from my book HORARY ASTROLOGY PLAIN AND SIMPLE:

**Mercury is exalted in the 15th degree.  Merc in this chart is at 14 deg 18 mins, not exact but close.
**Merc's Triplicity by Night is the Moon.  This is fitting as the moon is my co-significator and in Sagitarrius (Sag dealing with higher levels of thought and education).  Also fitting b/c Cancer is on 10th house cusp. 
**Merc's Term at 14 deg is Jupiter, fitting b/c the Moon is in Sag
**The Face of Merc at 14 deg is Venus; don't know how important that is, but Merc is conjunct Venus in this chart.

Conclusion: Mercury looks good in the chart.


**The Moon is exalted in Sag. 
**The Moon is in the 3rd house, which is of course the other Mercury house. 
**Moon's Triplicity by Night is Mars.  Mars is located in the 10th house of the chart, the house I'm using to answer the question.  Mars is my 2nd co-significator.
**The Term of the Moon at 4 deg is Mars.
**The Face of the Moon at 4 deg is Venus.  Merc is conjunct Venus, Venus is sextiling Mars
**Cancer is in it's fall in Aries; not sure how that plays in with Mars in the house in question.  The Moon is in it's detriment in Capricorn; not sure how that plays in with the 10th being the natural house of Cap.

Overall, I think that the Moon looks good. 

**Mars is at it's fall in Cancer, sextiling Venus which is one of the signs of it's detriment. 
**Triplicity of Mars by night is Jupiter, connecting the Moon in Sag
**Mars at 8 deg is in the Term of Venus.  So, my conclusion is the sextile to Venus is a good thing, especially with Venus being conjunct Mercury in a natural Mercury house.
**Mars at 8 deg is in the Face of Mars.

My conclusion:  It is very likely that I will achieve fame as a writer in my lifetime.  Woohoo!!!! However, it will take hard work b/c of the cadent positions of the Moon and Mercury. The Moon and Mercury don't aspect each other, again indicating to me that it'll take some work. Doesn't bother me, you HAVE to work to be successful.

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