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Is he a narc

Hi, I want to introduce myself, my name is Joanna and I have been scanning and reading your horary postings but have never posted before. I am not a scammer looking for a free reading, please don't worry- I am pretty active on this website/forum:http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/index.php and have a professional mentor teaching me modern astrology. I am sorry for being intrusive, but there are only a handful of horary teachers on the other forum and being that this is devoted entirely to horary, I wanted to give a try here. I hope I was able to post my chart properly, I just got SF, but I don't know how to erect the chart sans chiron. I have given this chart a real try at interpretation, so please help if you can because you will see i am really trying. My mentor isn't in to horary so I can't really ask him about it. I am awaiting my Frawley book, but the Ivy-Jacobson Goldstein book I have and is a little ambiguous on enemies. I also have Anthony Louis and saw the posted rules from Lilly about the 7th.

so the question posed is simply "Is he a narc?" What I meant was, I started a new job almost 3 months ago. There is an older man who is above me in ranks, a supervisor that I had a bit of a crush on. Then I don't know if it is the Scorpio moon, but I started getting the feeling that he is gathering information about me for the bosses- yes sounds paranoid I know but I have my reasons. Interestingly, the sun in this chart is in the same degree as his sun in my 5th house- I believe i picked up somewhere one time that if someone has a personal planet in the question and it shows up in the same degree when you erect the horary chart it carries weight?

At first I thought this would be a 12th house matter- being that he is presumably pretending to be my friend, but then I was reading over here and I see that it is actually a 7th house matter because I know OF the person I am suspicious of, yes?

Here is my take, I am really curious if anyone out there, especially experienced horarists could give me some feedback on my interpretation. I thought his sun in my 5th shows romantic feelings, but am confused because Mars will form an inconjunction to the moon, my co-sig and i read from Karen Hammaker-Zondag that can mean danger...here's my interp:
Ascendant and Moon are both in the Via Combusta and Moon is not really happy in Scorpio.

Im are ruled by Venus in my 4th, probably showing that I am at home at the time I asked this question. He is signified by the 11th, collegues and Saturn retrograde, mmmm..... he is keeping something to himself I would think. Saturn rules my private life (Capricorn on IC) and is situated in his 1st, shows to me he is collecting private information.
He is surprisingly close to me, but both are ruled by Saturn, probably showing that we are work buddies/collegues.

Now, the 12th house is indeed secret enemies, but he is not secret. I know who he is, so he is a known "enemy" and belongs in the 7th (I just read about this one in William Lilly's book as I had to do a horary about witchcraft, believe it or not, ha ha!)

So he is also signified by the 7th in my opinion, but then in the person of a spy. Mars rules the 7th and is in the 9th of my house, but in his 3rd. Strangely enough, Mars also rules the 3rd of the 11th, so in both cases, his thoughts are signified by Mars in Gemini. He is of a fickle mind, dualistic and has two different things on his mind.

He could well be working for his boss, as Mercury, dispositor of Mars is found in his 10th.
Interesting also is the fact that Venus, Mercury and Neptune asl well as the Node are all intercepted, in other words, they are sort of stuck. I think he could be personally interested in me, like a bit in love, than he could be stuck with that feeling, because he also has to tell on me.
Now this is all presuming he IS a narc (or rat, spy, etc).

Moon will square Venus, maybe showing my secret suspicion for him and separates from a sextile with his co-significator.
What is very significant I think is the fact that there are many Mutual Receptions between Mercury (him) and Saturn (his boss I presume, anyways, someone in authority, ruler of his 10th).
I find it very difficult, but I think he does like me but at the same time, because he has so much contact with someone in authority in the workplace, he could be getting information., because after all, <mercury ruled his third house. Moon will successively trine Sun, co-ruler of my 10th house,(perhaps I will make it through work, the probation period which is over after 3 months time on March 17- I am hoping the trine shows he feeds GOOD information to my boss since we have the same boss, so if he is a spy it ends well for me) then squares Venus (trouble about money- i am part time get few hours), Mercury (trouble with him), so then sextiles Uranus, sudden amorous happenings maybe???, very unexpectedly...., but after that will square Neptune, desillusion and trouble with the gambling department and the Node, trouble in relationships and last one will be an inconjunct to Mars. I just read in Hamaker Zondags book that an inconjunct could mean danger, this is kind of why i was alarmed and wanted feedback- 5th house could be romance or gambling, we work in a casino. i am a dealer, he is a supervisor so my direct supervisor, but middle management.... OR am I reading too much into this? Its easier for me to see other charts- other than my own. Could anyone tell me if they think he is romantically interested w/the 5th house, Venus and Uranus AND neptune connections- romance? Yes, he is having his solar return that is why i mentioned the sun in almost 7 degrees pisces is the same as his natal sun, thought it was significant? OR maybe he is feeding info to me from the boss, which is why it shows the receptions and maybe romantic feelings toward me- the idea sprung up because he seemingly kept giving me advice about things, inside information i suppose...he seemed to know a lot so i got suspicious. Plus the Scorpio moon may be making my suspicions work in overdrive. Could the mars inconjunct show a sudden romance or maybe a tryst in the hay which may not be a good idea? don't like to see danger, but anyway, i gave it my best for an intepretation, i wanted some more experienced feedback bc i'm basically self-taught in horary. In case the image doesn't embed properly, here is the info: "Is he spying for my boss?" (or does he really like/love me) Feb 25, 2008 9:20:39 PM Las Vegas, NV 36N12'21" 115W13'22" Used Regiomontanus thanks, sorry for intruding, I hope to learn from the community. I appreciate any help. Joanna
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