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help pls! - job related horary question

hello all, 
This past year was extremely hard and painful for me for I lost my job in Nov 2008, and had a fight with my live in boyfriend of 5 yrs on Jan 1 2009 which eventually led to a traumatic break up. I guess as of Feb. our relationship was practically over but it took me until the beginning of October to accept that he wont be coming back.  Sigh**   anyways… though it was soul tormenting, I keep reminding myself that it is all for the best. My Saturn return is just over so I should be ok from now on. No?  Say yes pls  
I have a horary question.  Since I am now unemployed for months, and my bank account completely drained I have to find a job ASAP. A professional local astrologer interpreted my “When will I get a job” horary question chart in mid July, and the answer was not before Jupiter turns direct on Oct 13. Now that Jupiter retro is over, and there is a very good pharma company with a very attractive position that fits me perfectly which I am interviewing (I did one interview, one presentation, they said they will come back to me with an answer whether I will be one of the final 2 people to be presented to the top executive of the company for a final decision) I am dying to know whether I will get this job or not!  If I get it, my whole life will be back in track again.  
This is the chart of my question. I cant interpret it.. i s it a yes, a no, when?  Will I have this job, and when? I am so desperate to know!   And here is a list of aspects: 
Chi      Sxt      Asc      1°06'S
Jup      Cnj      Chi      3°33'A
Jup      Cnj      Nep      6°02'A
Mar      Sxt      Vx      2°51'A
MC      Tri      PF      1°09'A
MC      Sqr      Vx      2°30'S
Mer      Sxt      Plu      2°21'S
Mer      Sqr      Mar      2°58'A
Mon      Opp      Sat      2°00'A
Mon      Sqr      Plu      3°11'A
Mon      Tri      SNo      3°26'S
Mon      Sxt      Nod      3°26'S
Mon      Cnj      Ura      4°58'S
Nep      Sxt      Asc      1°23'A
Nep      Cnj      Chi      2°29'A
Nod      Sqr      Asc      2°20'A
Sat      Sqr      Plu      1°11'A
Sat      Tri      Nod      5°27'S
Sat      Opp      Ura      6°58'S
SNo      Sqr      Asc      2°20'A
Sun      Sqr      Mar      0°42'S
Sun      Cnj      Mer      3°40'A
Sun      Sxt      MC      4°39'S
Ura      Sxt      Nod      1°31'A
Ura      Tri      SNo      1°31'A
Ven      Tri      Chi      1°45'A
Ven      Tri      Jup      1°48'S
Ven      Opp      Asc      2°50'S
Ven      Tri      Nep      4°13'A
Ven      Sqr      Nod      5°10'A
Ven      Sqr      SNo      5°10'A 

Thank you so much for your help. it means a lot to me. and blessings to you all.
Ps. My birth stats are oct 22 1978 21:15 at Istanbul, Turkey for those who think it is relevant.

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