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Which house?!

Hello astrologers~

I cast a chart to ask if my best friend's fiance is cheating on her.  My query is about him, and I'm having a hard time deciding between the 7th and 11th houses.  I know him through her, and I've spoken with him a handful of times.  We've been out on one double-date together.  I don't really consider him a "friend", but I don't know if "acquaintance" is right either.  What's your take on this?

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Are YOU asking the question for this chart to be made or is SHE?
I am.
I'm trying to determine his relationship to ME, and then I'll use the 7th house from the 7th or 11th.
If the person asking is you, and you called your friend out by name, it would be the 7th house from the 7th (1st) representing him. So basically....the ascendant's ruling planet.
I see what you're saying. I was hesitant to use the 7th house for him bc HE's not my friend, she is. Since I was asking about what HE might or might not be doing, I thought that I might need to use the 11th for him.

Thanks for your input!
You're welcome. :)

Just keep in mind that if you have a different way of doing things and it works for YOU, stay consistent! You'll get the best results that way. :D
Who does the Moon belong to? I've never done a chart for someone else before, so I'm used to it being my co-significator.
You ask question "I cast a chart to ask if my best friend's fiance is cheating on her. " So, your best friend is ruler of 11 house, and her fiance is 7 from 11, e.i. ruler of radical 5 house. Moon show flow of events it is not co significator for either of them.

your friend is house 7
use her as ASC
then take her 7th house-(which is H1)and Use that as Her BF

So find her-use her as asc+find Her BF.
I really appreciate everyone's input. I think I miscommunicated my question to you. The question is-

Is he cheating on her?

So, since he is the SUBJECT of the question, shouldn't I be looking for HIS house? And after I determine which house he belongs to, THEN look at the 7th from that one for her.