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Let's Talk Phonez

Been checking out phones lately, and after much (albeit quick) research I've decided on what I want. HOWEVER! I've heard, and therefore asked, and so have confirmed that the phone I've decided on is in the process of being discontinued by the company making it. BUT! That could potentially mean a newer model or something totally new would be coming in its discontinuation wake. Much vacillation has taken place, leading me to finally decide to see if good ol' horary can once again guide me in the right direction.

Question: Should I go ahead and get the [ Motorola ] Q9h? Or should I wait and see what happens in the fall (usually when new stuff comes out)?

But how would I read the chart for an answer?

I'm thinking either the 2nd or 3rd house. 2nd is a good candidate as it is the house of possessions. 3rd is good because, obviously, this is an object that communicates (to the max, I might add).

I would like your opinions on this. For now, I'm thinking the 2nd house would be my best bet, since this is more of a matter of gaining a possession. Feel free to also give your interpretation of the chart based on how you would do it.


Thanks in advance!

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