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My Pregnant Cousin


I drew a chart for the question "Is Teaira (my cousin) having a girl?".  I found out that she was pregnant yesterday! 

After looking at the chart, I am growing concerned about my cousin and the baby. 

The querent is:  Leo rising, Sun in Aries in 9th house; Moon in Libra in 3rd

The quesited is:  Jupiter on 5th cusp, Jupiter in Capricorn in 6th

I am posting the chart using Regio Houses, however I take a look at the horary chart in Regio and Koch.  In Koch, the retrograde Saturn is in the 1st house.

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I don't like this chart.  I haven't even figured out if it's a boy or girl, I'm too distracted by the apparent threats to the health of my cousin and her baby. 

The question was asked on Sunday, day of the Sun.  The Sun is in Aries, so the sun to me is strong in this chart.  Leo rising is appropriate for a chart asking about a child.  The Moon in Libra is peregrine.
Things that concern me:

**Moon in Via Combusta at 26 degrees of Libra
**Jupiter in Capricorn
**Moon squaring Jupiter
**Pluto in the 5th
**Saturn retrograde in 1st house, using Koch houses

Other notes I've made on the chart, using Ptolemy's Essential Dignities and Debilities as Used by Lilly:

**This is a Day chart, and the triplicity of Jupiter by day is the Sun, which to me connects the baby to it's mother represented by the Sun and Leo rising.
**Jupiter at 19 degrees is in the term of Saturn, further connecting it's Capricorn position.
**Jupiter at 19 degrees is in the face of the Moon, amplyfying the Moon square Jupiter. 
**The Moon is accidentally debilitated by being located in the 3rd house, a house of Mercury.
**The Sun is in the term of Saturn, again connecting Jupiter in Capricorn.
**The Sun is in the face of Saturn.
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