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Horary Chart: Is he cheating on me?

First of all, I do not really feel that my boyfriend is cheating on me. I cast the chart b/c I'm paranoid, and figured this was the best way to find out. Plus, my boyfriend has a great sense of character, leo sun, and taurus moon. I think he's pretty committed. However, this chart provides the perfect opportunity for me to clarify some things that confuse me.

First, the answer to a chart is yes, or no, or relating to time... right? So, if I'm seeing positive aspects does that mean that the answer is yes? But that wouldn't make sense, b/c the positive aspects that I'm seeing (i.e. sun trine neptune) indicate to me that he and i have a good bond. (aspect grid below)

Second, and this is a big one~ how on earth do I determine what the final applying aspect are that the moon will make? That is something that FRUSTRATES me to no end. The best thing I figured is by looking at the aspect grid, and looking straight down the line to see what planets the moon is going to aspect. So basically, the fist aspect is moon square mercury, next is moon sextile venus, and so forth. I could work with that. However, I have read that we are only supposed to look at the aspects the moon will make before leaving its current sign.

Third, I see that saturn is in the 7th house. However, I believe that that is okay b/c I am the astrologer and querent.... right?

Fourth, what house calculation do you prefer to use when casting your own chart? I have become a fan of the Equal house method for horary, and use both for natal.

Fifth, in horary is the house placement of a planet more important than the sign it is in?

I think that's all I'll hit you guys with for now. ;o)

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